About Us

Bullchase, Inc.

Bullchase is a Value Added Reseller (V.A.R.) and eProcurement solution provider. We serve as the conduit between large corporate providers and state and local government procurement channels.

We understand the changing needs of our corporate partners and state and local government. Now more than ever, organizations are tasked to find more efficient ways to conduct business. Our core competency is to streamline the procurement process while optimizing efficiency through the use of customized eProcurement platforms.


We bring value in distinct ways: Bullchase offers a comprehensive suite of services and products that deliver agency specific custom solutions. Our business approach begins with a needs assessment evaluation specific to a client’s current process, goals and objectives, and expected results. From there we seek out methods to reduce cost, increase productivity and eliminate waste. Our highly efficient eProcurement solution affords customers both hard and soft dollar savings, adding value to the process as well as the products.


COST CONTAINMENT – Our industry experience helps customers realize savings through reduced purchase costs, reduction in processing time and back end process savings.

OPTIMIZATION – How customers procure is every bit as important as what and who they procure from. Our eProcurement platform brings a customized value to the process. It increases the level of end user satisfaction and empowerment while maintaining the highest level of security checks and balances.

PARTNERSHIP – We partner with clients to help identify, define and manage their procurement goals and objectives. We serve as an extension to the procurement organization.

STRENGTH – Our corporate partners are the best in their fields. Sound companies with buying power, breadth of products and services, and the distribution networks to reach any end user.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – We are committed to building long lasting relationships with our customers. We provide courteous service and knowledgeable problem solving by listening carefully to understand our customers’ point of view.
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